Colombian Report: U.S. Troops Raped 54 Girls

Bogota’s main cathedral ©2013 Chris Allbritton
Bogota’s main cathedral ©2013 Chris Allbritton
By Pedro Felipe, via Wikimedia Commons
By Pedro Felipe, via Wikimedia Commons

Colombian Report: U.S. Troops Raped 54 Girls

A report commissioned by the Colombian government and its leftist foes alleges GIs sexually abused children and then avoided prosecution. Source: Colombian Report: U.S. Troops Raped 54 Girls – The […]

Bogotá Reacts to Critical, Complimentary Posts

I recently posted a two lists regarding my opinion of Bogotá, both good and bad. To say the reaction among Bogotanos was … strong … would be like saying World War II was a disagreement among statesmen.

10 Things to Love About Bogotá

Bogota’s main cathedral ©2013 Chris Allbritton

(Originally published on In a previous post, I unloaded on Bogotá as an unlivable hellhole. That’s obviously not the whole story of a city of nearly 8 million people, […]

10 Things to Hate About Bogotá

By Pedro Felipe, via Wikimedia Commons

(Originally published on I recently saw an article on Bogotá in the Financial Times about what an awesome place it is. This article, I submit, was written while looking […]

A Protest in Crimson

Featured Image for Protest in Crimson

This is a bit of a late post, but I’ve been incredibly busy with applying for some fellowships and trying to find a new place to live. But to back […]

Bogota’s Unbearable Politeness of Being

Fuck the Police by  Claudio Cáceres

BOGOTÁ — My friend Vicki over at Banana Skin Flip Flops has an intriguing post up about the polite passivity of Bogotanos. After a few passive-aggressive encounters, including one in […]

How dangerous is Latin America? Very.


BOGOTÁ — Business Insider recently published a list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world and not only did most major Colombian cities  — except Bogotá — make the […]

Drinking up the Zona Cafetera

A coffee farmer inspects his crop in Colombia's southwestern Cauca department. By Neil Palmer (CIAT). Some rights reserved

My first impressions of Medellín are that it’s spotlessly clean, populated by beautiful, laid-back people. It’s a far cry from the high, cold capital where white collar workers with panicked, strained expressions pack the buses as they rush to work at 6 a.m. Medellín is a serious temptation as *the* place to live in Colombia.

MapPorn: How NOT to Go Around the World

Extreme Surface Travel

Mike Snowden, of, drew my attention with his find of possibly the least practical map of a round-the-world trip using only surface travel. It’s from Reddit user e80die, who […]

Better Language Learning Through Technology


Given my current obsession with learning Spanish, this seemed like a good opportunity to go over some of the technological aids you can use for buffing your foreign language chops.