An Inspirational (and Aspirational) Life

My friend Keite Davis Scott died last night. A talented actress and beautiful soul, she was a live wire, a spitfire and a person who lived life to the fullest. She had her issues — as we all do — but she never let them stop her from pursuing her dreams of acting, entertaining and brightening people’s lives.

Knowing her has made so many — myself included — better people. Her life, lived on her terms with her wonderful husband Ken, should stand as an inspiration. I know it has to me, because as I struggle with my own troubles at work and in my head, she’s a reminder that while life may be short and unpredictable, it is meant to be lived to the fullest. It is meant to be drunk greedily, in great gulps, unselfconsciously, messily. To do otherwise is to betray the sense of wonder, curiosity and delight that we all have as children, but which too many of us have lost.

Keite never lost it. Maybe it was her work with children’s theatre that never let the spark of play go out in her, or maybe it was just her. Who can ever really say why some people settle for the safe desk job and others struggle against expectations for a dynamic life? Keite never gave up, never compromised and never stopped dreaming.

We met at a mutual friend’s wedding and hit it off. She visited me in New York some months later. We flirted with dating, but it never really came together. A friendship suited us just fine.

But I confess, I hadn’t spoken to Keite in several years. A few instant messages and emails here and there, but no great conversations like we had had. I wish now that I had stayed in closer touch.

But one can’t change the past. One can only go forward and Keite’s life — and yes, her death — are reminders of that. Keite would not want people to stop dreaming and living because she has passed on. She would want to go out with a rock ‘n’ roll scream of rebellion and a bitchin’ guitar riff that hits you in the solar plexus and told you to move, dance, breathe, delight in the moment.

So in that spirit, I’ll do my upmost to live up to her life and her spirit while on the road. There will be more to come on that subject; there will be A Plan. But for now, I’m going to remember my friend and draw inspiration from her life.

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