I’ve spent about three weeks in Delhi now, and love it. It’s a great city, with tremendous energy, good food and a very optimistic feel about the future. But I’ve been hesitant to write too much because this is my first trip to India for any meaningful amount of time, and I’m loathe to, Read More

Me to auto rickshaw driver: take me to hauz khas village, 100 rupees! Driver: points at bag of. (presumably) dinner hanging from the roughhewn handlebars. Me: 100 rupees, man! Driver: (sullen, yet universal sign to get in.) Victory!

Loving the light in the sleeper class on the Agra to Delhi train today.

Woot. One of the reasons I’ve not been writing more has been this redesign, which took a lot of work. But it’s live now, and you can see it in all it’s desktop/iPad/mobile glory. I hope you enjoy the new look, commenting system and easier way to find things.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ve been bedeviled by horrible and vivid dreams for the last month. It’s like my REM cycle is being short-circuited and it’s reacting by going full-on technicolor madness in the early hours that leave me both restless and exhausted. It’s not a good combination. Sleep whilst, Read More