At home in the Kunzum Café

I just discovered what seems to be a bit of a hidden gem in Delhi: the Kunzum Travel Café. It’s a groovy little place in Hauz Khas village that caters to young and scruffy travellers (I hit the latter group) with cheap coffee, free wi-fi and a sense of community for folks rolling through. The latter can’t be overstated. Traveling can actually be incredibly lonely, especially solo, with few intimate conversations, temporary relationships and many, many Skype and FaceTime calls to more settled friends.

Kunzum attempts—with some success—to connect travellers to one another in a city where that’s often difficult. Think of it as a IRL.

My one complaint is the paucity of power outlets for laptops, which are quickly snapped up by the early birds and which are also poorly distributed. Ah, well. I guess that’s why Apple invented the long-battery’d iPad.

Image courtesy of Chris Allbritton

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