The Tao of Travel, According to Paul Theroux

Time for another excerpt from my new favorite travel writer, Paul Theroux. In his book, ”The Tao of Travel: Enlightenments from Lives on the Road” he compiles much of the wit and wisdom of his favorite travel writers. Finally, however, he issues his own top 10 list of travel advice. It seems perfectly proper to reproduce that list here:

  1. Leave home
  2. Go alone
  3. Travel light
  4. Bring a map
  5. Go by land (righteous advice—CA)
  6. Walk across a national frontier
  7. Keep a journal
  8. Read a novel that has no relation to the place you’re in
  9. If you must bring a cell phone, avoid using it (I’m not very good at this one—CA)
  10. Make a friend

There you have it. Ten tips for profound travel. Now get going!

Image courtesy of Chris Allbritton

5 Comments on “The Tao of Travel, According to Paul Theroux

  1. I really enjoyed The Tao of Travel, too. I may need to reread it this next year when I’m home; I’m sure I’ll appreciate it from new angles after this year on the road.