Globalisation at work

Hello all! Long time, eh? Well, sorry about that. I was at sea when the world supposedly ended. Perth is the most isolated big city in the world. To the west, the endless tracts of the Indian Ocean, only interrupted by the bulk of Africa and Madagascar almost 7,000 km away. To the east,, Read More

ABOARD THE WHITE SEA—This will be a quickie, as I’m still in port and using my phone for Internet access, but I’m aboard the White Sea and will be setting sail in some hours. The ride into Pasir Panjang Terminal was uneventful, and the shipping company made me use their own driver, as private, Read More

  I’ve been reading Seth Stevenson’s book on overland circumnavigation of the globe, “Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World”, and he brings up an interesting point: To truly circumnavigate the globe, one must start and end in the same place, cross every line of longitude going in the same direction (in, Read More