Me to auto rickshaw driver: take me to hauz khas village, 100 rupees! Driver: points at bag of. (presumably) dinner hanging from the roughhewn handlebars. Me: 100 rupees, man! Driver: (sullen, yet universal sign to get in.) Victory!

Loving the light in the sleeper class on the Agra to Delhi train today.

Honestly, you’d think I’d be used to this by now, but the red-tape and whiplash-inducing reversals of the various bureaucracies of the sub-continent continue to infuriate me. After being told on Thursday that my visa to India had been approved, I raced down to the visa services center to drop off my passport. That, Read More

Finally. My Indian visa has been approved and my long sojourn in Dubai is coming to an end. This is also the beginning of The Journey. From Delhi, to the rest of the world.