I’ve been dragging my feet on writing this post because I knew it would be a hard one. But, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. One of the things this blog is designed to do is to reacquaint myself with the world and with readers. I think I got, Read More

As I journey out into the world, solo, single, what have you, the allure of dating sites is obvious. You can meet some cool folks on them, but man, you have to dig. But the alternative is to be the creepy American bloke hanging in the bar alone on a Wednesday night in Kigali. Or a, Read More

It’s a strange set of circumstances that has led to me cooling my heels in Dubai for the last week. A security scare in Islamabad, the details of which I won’t go into for what I hope are obvious reasons, has forced me into my current state of semi-exile. But at least I’m in, Read More

My friend Keite Davis Scott died last night. A talented actress and beautiful soul, she was a live wire, a spitfire and a person who lived life to the fullest. She had her issues — as we all do — but she never let them stop her from pursuing her dreams of acting, entertaining and brightening, Read More

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