I’ve now been in India for about six weeks, and I’ve come to realize that much of what has happened up to this point—fleeing Pakistan, leaving Reuters, landing in New Delhi—has been mostly prologue for The Big Journey that I’ve decided to undertake. It probably sounds strange to think of India—a teeming, continent-sized rising, Read More

Chasing the Glacier

I’ve spent about three weeks in Delhi now, and love it. It’s a great city, with tremendous energy, good food and a very optimistic feel about the future. But I’ve been hesitant to write too much because this is my first trip to India for any meaningful amount of time, and I’m loathe to, Read More

I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ve been bedeviled by horrible and vivid dreams for the last month. It’s like my REM cycle is being short-circuited and it’s reacting by going full-on technicolor madness in the early hours that leave me both restless and exhausted. It’s not a good combination. Sleep whilst, Read More

If one is going to be on the road for 2+ years, one has to a) travel light or b) have a strong back. I chose the former, and I thought it might be interesting to show what I travel with. When it comes to electronics gear, I’m not going to go into the, Read More